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Wandering the Nine Worlds
A Heathen's Journey
7th-Dec-2010 09:20 pm - Rising talent needs a boost!
cat, glow-eyes, Vesta
Hail all, I know I hardly ever post ever, but for this I'm making an exception:
The multi-talented fic author Mithrigil(Hetalia, Inception, Hunger Games) is putting her work on the New York stage!!! By which I mean that she and a friend have formed a production company and with the help of a Kickstarter fund, are putting together a musical that promises to be funny, moving, and controversial. Although some of the subject matter is a little outside my comfort zone, I am a big fan of her work in other areas and sincerely believe that her musical and writing talents should be given their chance to shine on stage, so I'm trying to help spread the word about the project before the Kickstarter fund pledging deadline runs out on Tuesday, Dec. 21. And due to the aforesaid subject matter having themes that are NOT WORK-SAFE, I'm putting the links to Mithrigil's post about the musical, an interview, and the project's website itself, under a cut.
If you know anyone who would be interested in helping new talent flourish, please spread the word! Thanks very much.
They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway...Collapse )
4th-Dec-2010 09:08 pm - Still looking for these fics...
cat, glow-eyes, Vesta
Posted to the Axis Powers Hetalia Request comm back in February, and still no luck finding these APH/DW crossovers:
a) One in which throughout history, various Nations experience the Doctor in different ways, including Ten giving HRE relationship advice(LOL);
b) One which isn't really a crossover that has England and America discussing the upcoming BBC America season and Dr. Who as a show;
c) Another not-really-crossover about America and England viewing each other through the lenses of the shows Star Trek and Dr. Who(from both sides);
d) One in which Jack thinks about the various Nations he has er, "known"(sorry!)--mentions England's fairies, from Jack's perspective.
There's another fan of APH/DW crossovers who just posted hir own request for any such fics on that comm, so I'm hopeful that maybe one of the responses will turn up at least one of these fics, or some kind of lead.
1st-Apr-2009 04:59 am - April Fool's!!
cat, glow-eyes, Vesta
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Disclaimer: I don't own it or the characters (or much of anything else, really)
Characters: Alfred/America
Summary: How to take over a country.

How to take over a countryCollapse )
18th-Feb-2008 08:55 pm - Progress Update
Weel, today was the first day back at the gym after a long absence and I am pleased to report that I got through 35 minutes plus cool-down on the elliptical without being overly exhausted. My post-workout weight (clothed) was 251. I have discovered a brand new fondness for fruit-flavored yoghurt and have begun eating it for both breakfast and lunch. I feel confident that I can break 250 by the end of this week and look forward to increasing my workout time gradually to a whole hour, first twice a week, then every day.
My sworn goal of 215 by Twelfth Night will be reached in good time. I am very glad that things are going so well. :)
3rd-Feb-2008 12:16 pm - So have I sworn, so will I fulfill
My oath to the GodsCollapse )
1st-Jan-2008 06:34 pm - Happy 2008!!
cat, glow-eyes, Vesta
Well, here I am, posting again after a delay of some time. This is just a brief "Happy New Year" to everyone, and I'll post again with a more detailed overview of my holidays later this week. I had fun and hope everyone else did too. More later! Health and good cheer, Seileach
10th-Dec-2007 08:24 pm - Parental Units Attacked By Tree
cat, glow-eyes, Vesta
The trees are lashing out!
Read more...Collapse )
28th-Nov-2007 10:55 pm - "Death Knell" party a success!
Cleaning up after the "9th Annual Death Knell of Hearthfires" party, and I am tired but happy. Read more...Collapse )
cat, glow-eyes, Vesta
OK, I discovered that good intentions notwithstanding, it's a lot harder to get the time to update my journal than I thought. Nevertheless, here I am, finally getting to catch up a little. Read more...Collapse )
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