Wandering the Nine Worlds

A Heathen's Journey

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I don't post very much at all, although that is subject to change (the only constant). I spend a lot of time working in the local Pagan community especially on religious freedom issues and public outreach, plus being involved in charity work through Pagans with Pep, a team for the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I've also been heavily involved in the local NOW chapter and in the LGBT community for the last twenty years.
I love reading science fiction and fantasy and am a big fan of Blake's 7(can't get away from social issues!). Add Star Trek(all), Doctor Who, Farscape, SG-1, Forever Knight, and Magnificent 7 to the list. Also, I'm really drawn to crossovers between my favorite shows.(hint! hint! to my favorite fanfic authors out there!)
I don't know if I will ever write anything myself, but the more time I spend reading other fans' work, the more I am inclined to consider the possibility.
Either way, it's fun to meet and network with fellow fans. :)